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Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives ABC Sundays 9:00 ET:
This is a Community for Desperate Housewives the hottest new tv show with 21.6 million viewers. The New Drama Series Takes A Darkly Comedic Look At Suburbia, Where The Secret Lives Of Housewives Aren't Always What They Seem. The Only Rule is To Put Any Spoiler Behind a Lj Cut.

made by: datanullyx

Bree Van De Kamp is a perfectionist who does not like cheese stains.
Susan Mayer the divorcee and single mom who sometimes forgets her house keys.
Lynette Scavo traded her high power job to be a stay at home mom of four unmanageable children.
Gabrielle Solis the ex model with everything, including the gardener.
Edie Britt known as the neighborhood slut whose house mysteriously burned down.
Mary Alice Young committed suicide after cleaning the house and fixing breakfast for her family.
Mike Delfino the sexy new neighbor who happens to find girls locked out of their house, naked.
Carlos Solis the husband of Gabrielle who calls his mommy when he needs help.
Rex Van De Kamp the husband of the Martha Stewart on steroids.
Paul Young a troubled husband who has many secrets that he is hiding in his pool.
John the gardener who gets more than the weekly paycheck from Carlos, he gets his wife as well.
Julie Mayer the girl who has a Gilmores Girl relationship with her mom.
Zach Young a troubled youth whose mother committed suicide.

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