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New Desperate Housewives book

Hi all-- I work for a book publisher called BenBella Books, and I wanted to pop by and let you guys know about a book we've got coming out on Desperate Housewives called Welcome to Wisteria Lane. It’s an anthology of really smart, engaging essays on Desperate Housewives written by fans who also happen to be authors like Beth Kendrick, Jill Winters, Laura Caldwell, and more.

From the official press release:

Desperate for more Desperate Housewives?
Take a trip down Wisteria Lane to explore the scandal, intrigue and mayhem in ABC’s smash hit!
More than 25 million people know that Desperate Housewives, the biggest show to hit television in years, is not just entertaining and fun, it is smart and just plain good. In a time when quality television is hard to come by and reality TV has a monopoly on the airwaves, Desperate Housewives exploded out of nowhere.

WELCOME TO WISTERIA LANE is what every fan desperately needs. It celebrates the brilliance of ABC’s Desperate Housewives, and it answers the question: why on earth is this show so special? With thoughtful essays and hilarious insights, WELCOME TO WISTERIA LANE tells us just why so many people tune in every Sunday and talk about nothing else every Monday morning.

From how Desperate Housewives reflects the truth about friendship to how suburban living is hazardous to your health, from hating Lynette to why men love this show, WELCOME TO WISTERIA LANE has something for every Desperate fan.


  • Is Julie Mayer destined to become Bree Van De Kamp? Beth Kendrick examines the parenting styles on Wisteria Lane and thinks it just may be inevitable
  • Jill Winters explores how each of Wisteria Lane’s male residents is the source of his own destruction
  • Deanna Carlyle compares American viewers to European ones, and comes away with the reason Susan, Bree, Lynette, Gabby and Edie are so popular in translation
  • Television Without Pity’s Evany Thomas compares Desperate Housewives to its obvious sister-in-arms programs: Sex and the City but also…The Golden Girls?
  • Michelle Cunnah shows why Susan Mayer is the best friend a housewife could ever have
  • Cara Lockwood looks behind Suburbia’s white picked fences to find an explanation for Desperate Housewives’ deliciously dark comic undertones

You can preview a few of the essays and order on our site (we have the books in stock now!): Welcome to Wisteria Lane at . . .

. . . or from Amazon, of course: Welcome to Wisteria Lane on Amazon

Thanks for letting me intrude! :)

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