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I cannot believe that Susan and Mike aren't going to be together. I guess on one hand, I always knew that they sort of wouldn't work out, but there's still a part of me that, even now that Susan's actually said it out loud, hopes that they'll get back together. I love them as a couple. Maybe Zach'll get his stuff straightened out? Lord, I hope so.

And I feel so terrible for Bree. She's trying really hard to be strong, but she's got this crazy mother-in-law and her son is a psycho, and she's already got makor OCD, and she hasn't really dealt with Rex's death yet. That's going to be a powerful episode.

Okay, back to watching. Maybe, in the next seven minutes, Mike and Susan will get back together, and Bree will have her breakdown. Who knows?

EDIT: And WTF is up with the new crazy neighbor???? Alfre Woodard looks like she could play a great crazylady, and it looks like she will.

And I loved how Bree took over with the "Rex's tie" situation. I cried when she told him he looked marvelous.

That's all for now. Back to my Bible homework.
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